DIY: Build Your Own Smart TV Android Box

Have you planned to buy new smart TV? I think you might stop your planning and build your own. You could turn your HDMI-enabled TV into a great Android powered smart TV. Yes, spend only $19 on Pine A64+ 1GB model or $29 on Pine A64+ 2GB model, it’d be your next DIY project right? ?

Pine 64 Android Smart TV

What you need to build it?

  • 1GB/2GB Pine A64+ Board
  • A quality 8GB micro SD card (32GB / 64GB recommended) rated ‘class 10’ or better
  • Ethernet cable (Bluetooth/Wifi module for $9.99 sold separately if you need wireless connectivity)
  • HDMI Cable (or HDMI to VGA adapter if you want to run on PC monitor)
  • A micro USB 5V power adapter
  • The input devices such as keyboard and mouse (you might use air mouse keyboard)
  • Pine64 Enclosure

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Single Board Computer with Pine64

A couple of months, I played with single board computer named Pine64. It is not only a computer, it is a super affordable 64-bit high performance expandable single board computer (SBC). The world’s first 64-bit expandable Quad Core 1.2Ghz supercomputer, tablet, media center, and more.

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