DIY: Build Your Own Smart TV Android Box

Have you planned to buy new smart TV? I think you might stop your planning and build your own. You could turn your HDMI-enabled TV into a great Android powered smart TV. Yes, spend only $19 on Pine A64+ 1GB model or $29 on Pine A64+ 2GB model, it’d be your next DIY project right? ?

Pine 64 Android Smart TV

What you need to build it?

  • 1GB/2GB Pine A64+ Board
  • A quality 8GB micro SD card (32GB / 64GB recommended) rated ‘class 10’ or better
  • Ethernet cable (Bluetooth/Wifi module for $9.99 sold separately if you need wireless connectivity)
  • HDMI Cable (or HDMI to VGA adapter if you want to run on PC monitor)
  • A micro USB 5V power adapter
  • The input devices such as keyboard and mouse (you might use air mouse keyboard)
  • Pine64 Enclosure

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Single Board Computer with Pine64

A couple of months, I played with single board computer named Pine64. It is not only a computer, it is a super affordable 64-bit high performance expandable single board computer (SBC). The world’s first 64-bit expandable Quad Core 1.2Ghz supercomputer, tablet, media center, and more.

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Strategi dan Solusi Ritel dengan IoT Intel, A Retail Conference 2016

Retail comes alive

Intel Indonesia menyelenggarakan Konferensi Retail di mana teknologi dan solusi dipertemukan oleh permintaan pasar ritel yang pesat. Transformasi digital membuat para peritel butuh untuk mempelajari kemampuan baru, merangkul teknologi baru, dan mengambil resiko besar. Acara yang telah diselenggarakan pada tanggal 15 November 2016 di Pullman Jakarta Central Park diikuti oleh pelaku industri ritel, partner Intel, system integrator, dan end user.

Intel IoT - Four Big Ideas by Rajnish Maini

Dalam acara tersebut, beberapa keynote disampaikan oleh Rajnish Maini dan Kim Cheol dari Intel, Roy Mande dari Aprindo (Asosiasi Pengusaha Retail Indonesia), dan beberapa Partner Intel. Dalam keynotenya, Rajnish Maini dan Kim Cheol dari Intel menyampaikan tentang solusi Internet of Things (IoT) dari Intel untuk menghadapai berbagai permasalahan dan tantangan retail. Sedangkan perwakilan Aprindo menyampaikan kondisi retail yang ada di Indonesia.

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Will There Be A New Race on The New Digital Age? ?

I became reviewer of the “The New Digital Age” book at IPDN’s Campus, Cilandak – South Jakarta in Aug. 30 2015. The Bahasa Indonesia edition book that has been bought and was introducing in the Komunitas Belajar Bengkel Kreasi‘s event. There are many chapters including the future of identity, the future of states, the future of revolution and so on, but I had not completed yet reading the all chapters, only brought the chapters of “Our Future Selves (Pribadi Masa Depan Kita)” and “The Future of Identity, Citizenship and Reporting (Masa Depan Identitas, Kewarganegaraan dan Berita)” into the event.

“We could see the book cover, many hands of children of various races, but looking at the different one,” very first I said when had be showing off the cover book to the community, and yes, there was a robot hand beside the children. So what did mean? Will there be a new race on the new digital age?

Eric Schimdt, one of  the book authors, now as the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (formerly named Google), reported on the TNW’s posting:  Eric Schimdt knows his human-beating AI could steal your job – and he’s OK with that. The another hot issue in this week is Microsoft AI chatbot that has “learned” to be a genocidal racist. However, while the future is uncertain, a particular disruptive robotic invention will get better within the sectors of education, energy, health and cities.

When I made the discussion or the conversation, I always remind that if you think ? about technology, you should think about human not machine, because technology is just a tool.

Photo Credit: @smartparentsTIC